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What are the Signs & Symptoms?

The typical symptoms of an anal fissure include pain during and several hours after bowel movement. Even though the tear caused by an anal fissure is small (about 1cm); the condition is painful and may persist for an hour or more after passing faeces. The severe pain may make patients apprehensive to the point of avoiding defecation, which further aggravates the condition. Pain is usually more intense in acute anal fissure. Other symptoms include:

  • Blood in the stools, on the toilet tissue or in the bowl
  • Muscular spasms at the end of the anus
  • Cracked or ripped anal skin
  • Itchy fissures
  • Yellow discharge that has an unpleasant odour

Chronic anal fissures can grow deeper into the tissue and form ulcers, which can further delay the healing process.

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